Two more new Philips: wireless Fidelio M1W and just beautiful Cityscape Frames

Two more new Philips: wireless Fidelio M1W and just beautiful Cityscape Frames

Together with the top model Fidelio L2, on the IFA 2013 Philips announced two more. The Philips Fidelio M1 already familiar to us have acquired a wireless version with Bluetooth 4 support.0. And the line of the Philips overhead headphones was replenished with a relatively inexpensive CityScape Frames model, which the company conducts a parallel with a premium glasses, but at the same time promises and quite expensive components for a decent sound.

Philips Fidelio M1bt – this will be called the “blue -to -day” version – ready to appear in Europe at a recommended retail price of 250 euros (approximately 2700 hryvnias or 11,000 rubles), that is, more expensive than their wired predecessors for a good third. Judging by the official images, the appearance of the Fidelio M1bt will be more restrained, bright threads will give in place with dark gray, in tone for the main “color” of the device. But, as we recall, the appearance was by no means the reason for the negative assessment of this model in the editorial review GG, And a quiet sound, poor sound insulation and a “pop” sound that made headphones not suitable for listening to jazz and classical music. It is possible that the same “sins” will be found for a wireless model. Nevertheless, there are many cases of stories when stylish and headphones from expensive materials with an unbearable price found many fans among lovers of beautiful accessories and uncomplicated music. And to doubt that Philips Fidelio M1bt look stylish, made of good materials and honestly work out the title of “expensive accessory”, does not have to.

Philips CityScape Frames are equipped with 40-nd neodymium speakers “for pure and balanced sound”, a microphone (that is, we are still a headset ”and overlars“ for every ear ”. They will be available already in September in three colors: black, white and “turtle”. The first two color solutions will cost Europeans in 89 euros (1000 UAH or 4000 rubles), and invited “turtles” for 10 euros (110 UAH and 440 rubles) more expensive.

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