The peptide coating will effectively protect the teeth from caries

The peptide coating will effectively protect the teeth from caries

In the near future, a new means of oral hygiene – tooth varnish will be added to the traditional toothpaste. This is a conditional name for a synthetic peptide coating developed by American scientists. It does not heal teeth and does not tighten the carious cavities, but it successfully fights with their creators – bacteria.

Tooth enamel is not restored by itself, but there are only two threats for it: physical damage and microbes. Against the second, evolution created a good protective mechanism, in the form of antimicrobial peptides in our saliva. They envelop their teeth with a film and block the enamel from pests. However, a modern Western diet with a large amount of sugar provokes too stormy microbes growth, which push this protection “mass”.

To solve the problem, scientists took up the modernization of Peptide H5, adding a phosphoserin group to its end. Such an improved version sticks much better to enamel and confront microbes longer. Roughly speaking, with a sufficiently thick layer of peptide coating or its regular update, microbes will die before they get to enamel.

It is important to note that the modernized peptide H5 does not heal, but only protects the teeth. Therefore, gross mechanical cleaning with a brush still cannot be avoided, but if you apply a varnish or peptide gel after it, clean teeth will remain clean longer.

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