Nokia is trying to show what Lumia 1020 is better than mirror cameras

Nokia is trying to show what lumia 1020 is better than mirror cameras

Nokia posted the next advertising video of its Lumia 1020 cameras, in which it is trying to show users the advantages of its gadget over mirror cameras. Attention is focused on the compactness, ease of use and the absence of the need to use overall optics, additional batteries and tripods (by the way, a cover with an additional battery and a nest for attaching to a tripod, as we know).

Recall that the smartphone is equipped with a 6-linza optics ZEISS with an optical image stabilizer and f/2 diaphragm.2. In practice, the quality of the pictures will arrange users of digital soap men and looks profitable compared to other smartphones, but for people who actively use mirror cameras, this comparison will be ridiculous. Actually, a missile video shot on Lumia 1020:

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