Month with Nokia Lumia 1020. Day 8. Screen

Month with Nokia Lumia 1020. Day 8. Screen

There are as many as three sections on the display in the Nokia Lumia 1020 settings. This is “brightness” (the level of backlight and adaptation is hidden here), “display” (branded color profile settings and brightness from Nokia) and “sensor” (inclusion and disconnecting of high sensitivity for gloves). Everything is clear with brightness, in Windows Phone 8 there are four options: automatic, high, medium and low. It’s enough. With “display” things are more interesting. Nokia Lumia 1020 uses AMOLED matrix. Some users do not like her for screaming colors. I believe that this is the reason for the appearance of smartphones in the screen settings with Amoled the opportunity to change the brightness of paints. By default in the “Lumia color profile” all indicators are in the middle. The results of measurements with a screen with the “out of the box” settings show color coverage approaching the Adobe RGB space (!), but the color temperature “cools” closer to light tones (the results of the measurements and the comparison with the IPS display I cite in the first gallery). Displacement of settings towards the “bright” (see. Screenshots further) allows you to slightly expand the color range, but at the same time makes the color temperature colder (the second gallery with measurement results and comparison with IPS matrix). But the almost perfect picture, C within 4-6 (this is an unattainable result for most smartphone screens) can be achieved in the following settings demonstrated in the gallery 3.

Gallery 1. Nokia Lumia 1020 screen settings “out of the box”. Nokia can be found in the pictures on the characteristic control keys with the Windows icon.

Gallery 2. Nokia Lumia 1020 screen settings with maximum brightness of colors. Pay attention to the difference in light shades and to the depth of black on the Lumia 1020 screen.

Gallery 3. Optimal Nokia Lumia 1020 screen settings. The LG G2 screen is noticeably more “cold”, especially this gives out a picture with people.

And for a snack – a small video with a demonstration of settings, the function of unlocking the screen on a double tap (compared to LG G2) and support for work in gloves.

And on the second snack – a demonstration of the anti -tell layer “at work”. Unfortunately, there was no sun, I had to attract office lamps.

Month with Nokia Lumia 1020. Day 8. screen-2

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