Month with Nokia Lumia 1020. Day 27. What is worth expecting from Nokia Lumia 1020

Month with Nokia Lumia 1020. Day 27. What is worth expecting from Nokia Lumia 1020

I would like to finish the project on a major note, since the experience of using Nokia Lumia 1020 left a good impression. Further – four points about what pleasant things are waiting for the buyer of this cameron.

one. Stable work. For iPhone users or ordinary phones, the appearance of this item will not be clear. Those who are used to dealing with Android devices know that from the model to the model, and sometimes from the phase of the moon or storm in the sun, the stability and speed of these capricious creatures is changing. Then in Google Play they have errors, then wi-fi does not work, then paws hurt, then the tail falls off. Windows Phone 8 against this background – a sample of stability. Although I personally at one fine moment refused the spam filter of calls and messages. But this is a trifle against the background of what can happen to the smartphone.

2. Stable performance. This item is again more likely to appreciate the Androidovodes. How many applications are installed on Windows Phone 8, and the interface will move with the same smoothness. Yes, applications are not opened as fast as on competitive platforms, but you can be sure that twenty or thirty installed programs will not turn the top-end device into a small Estonian robot.

3. Stably aesthetic appearance. Nokia Lumia 1020 has a very practical case, and the pretty also. The smartphone does not need protective covers and bumper to stay “in uniform”. Unless the protective film will not interfere with the screen . The application interface also looks stable decent and corresponds to the general style of the device. If the visual component is important to you, then Lumia 1020 will not disappoint you.

4. The Lumia 1020 camera will be an excellent tool in the hands of a knowledgeable user. As the experience showed, in the mode “Blinded, removed, posted the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera does not particularly win the average Android smartphone, and with top devices in the market it goes hand in hand (examples of times and two). But if you start to delve into the settings and try to do something more (three and four examples), then the result can surpass any other camerance. Nokia Lumia 1020 can be safely bought by those who want to abandon the use of both the phone and the usual “soap dish”, even if most of the filming is usually carried out in poor lighting or completely in the dark. In addition, Nokia Lumia 1020 shoots a video with amazing sound quality and excellent stabilization. There are no equal to the device.

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