Kyivstar reduces roaming tariffs: bait abandoned

Kyivstar reduces roaming tariffs: bait abandoned

Despite the fact that, traditionally, I am skeptical of the phrases “it becomes more accessible”, which marketers hide behind when they want to openly poke an unsightly but cheap product, now is the very case when this phrase is fully justified regarding roaming. A natural barrier to using mobile communications in roaming are rather high tariffs for this type of service. Therefore, in order to remove the psychological barrier, Kyivstar introduces automatically connected (no additional services connect and then turn off or check if it is necessary to turn it off so that the money does not continue to leak). The initial package of services is provided for a very modest amount.

In 67 countries of the world, starting on April 27, at the first use of SMS, calls or mobile Internet abroad, 30, 25 or 35 hryvnias per, respectively, the first 15 minutes of the conversation, the first 25 SMS and the first 100 megabytes are removed from the user. The next day (the date is recorded for Kyiv time of the operation of the billing server) The whole procedure begins (if desired) again. What is the meaning of this for the operator? Yes, very simple: if subscribers cease to be afraid to use the services in roaming, then it is very easy to go beyond the starting package and pay already to the fullest. Yes, and just get a total of 90 hryvnia per day in the case of using messages, voice communications and the Internet – this is obviously better than nothing. So we begin to slowly get used to more adequate roaming tariffs, and do not forget to control the volume of services used, if we do not want to go beyond their limit. (Although you will come out sooner or later, whom we are deceiving?)

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Kyivstar makes roaming accessible to everyone

Since April 27, contractors and subsoil subscriptions do not need to connect additional services in order to communicate abroad favorably. Now roaming is available to everyone.

Kyivstar provides subscribers with unique conditions of communication in 67 countries at favorable tariffs: calls from 2 UAH per minute (package 15 minutes worth 30 UAH per day), Internet from 0.35 UAH per megabyte (100 MB package worth 35 UAH per day) SMS – 1.00 UAH/ SMS (package 25 SMS worth 25 UAH per day). Now subscribers do not need to order additional services, since the roaming will be connected automatically, while the subscriber can only use the package that he needs – calls, Internet, SMS, or any combination of them.

«On the eve of the holidays and the holiday season, we specially prepared for our subscribers such a profitable proposal so that they always remain in touch where they would not go. Now you can not be afraid of large communication costs, but freely use any services, because the cost of using any of them does not exceed the most familiar costs in vacation – magnet, souvenir, bus ticket, or water bottle, – Notes Svyatoslav Gorban, Marketing Director Kyivstar. – We also removed all the obstacles and simplified the connection process as much as possible, the most profitable tariffs are turned on automatically, as soon as the subscriber makes a call, goes on the Internet, or sends SMS. The subscriber needs only to choose only the communication format, we have already thought about the rest. Everything is simple, an affordable roaming is already here.

Many subscribers turn off mobile traffic upon arrival in another country, because they are sure that this will entail great costs – We destroy these stereotypes. Imagine 100 MB of the Internet worth 35 UAH – This is uploading about 50 photos online, or 3,500 messages in messengers, or 5 hours of using social networks. Thus, subscribers can communicate freely with friends and relatives, share photos and emotions, when you want, and not wait for Wi-Fi coverage, and not worry about the state of their mobile account».

Unique communication conditions are available in such countries: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain, Armenia, Hong Kong, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, Israel India, Indonesia, Ireland, Iceland Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Canada, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, China, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri-Lanka.

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