Kyivstar becomes a digital operator

Kyivstar becomes a digital operator

Today, the Kyivstar mobile operator held a presentation at which he spoke about future changes and the transformation strategy for digital services provider. According to Kyivstar, it is planned to modernize the technological infrastructure, rationalization of processes and reduce the number of control levels to create a flexible, lekgo adapting organization. Transformation is fully consistent with the strategy of the maternal company Vimpelcom.

The first large-scale projects within the framework of the transformation will be to replace the technologies of the radio network and the introduction of a new digital IT-infrastructure of Digital Stack. The operator signed an agreement with Huawei and ZTE on the provision of equipment and services to replace the existing 2G and 3G networks to prepare for the implementation of 4G/LTE. Thanks to the unified decision, on the basis of a single radio network, all generations of communication can be developed, which, in the future, can reduce service costs by half.

Ericsson, a global provider of technological solutions and equipment, will become a supplier of IT infrastructure as part of the Digital Stack project. Part of this project will be updating many business processes, and most service operations will go online, allowing customers to use services easily and simply. Digital Stack will accelerate the development of Kyivstar products and services, while delivery and analytics almost in real time will make services for customers more personified. In addition, a simpler user interface will improve the quality of customer service at all levels.

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Kyivstar, National Telecom-operator I Tselogye Profiter, staggered about the strategist of his transformation: vid compani, nada-nadi telecom-servants, in digiroring provider obedients. Kyivstar planned by a new -haired handler of digitalist in Ukrainian, he was not for their own Klientam Novi tu іnnovatsyinі servisi.

Transformation of the modern technologic INFRASTURIA, RATARIONALIZAIS INSHENNYA KILKOSTI RIVNIV Delivery for the storage of the Gnowcy of the Organized. Transformation of the Vydpovіdov and strategist vimpelcom, maternal component Kyivstar, Shcho bore about the transformation of sorrow in sickle 2015 Rock.

The last large -scale projects in the framework of the strategist of the transformation Kyivstar Stan Strena technology radiomerzhi that is the application of Digital Stack – Novoi digirogovoi izhit-infrastructure, about the Bulo Bool Vimpelcom on the flow of Tizhni.

«Digitical societies of technology і Latering on the BAZ of Dani – Tsbutnu Nashi Companion. Schobs Zadolniti Maybutsi our Kliyntiv in Ukrainian Ta Kdrimati Kranen on the hut of a technologic progress, mi guess, Choose Stato -fuel -Katsya is a new type of compartment, says Petro Chernishov, President Kyivstar. -At the framework of the strategist of the transformation at the optimization of the business і Zbilshenni izhventitziy at the rodbir web-servis, Shchobovsky passes to the Kliyntami of the Suprolary, and such».

For health care proletors, the onset of the radiomerezh Kyivstar Pіdcept – Liders in the regional-format-Komunikatsychi technology. PIDRAROVARYS ZdiSt the supply of radiobodnanni il professions for modernized 2G I 3G-Merezh, Shcho Pіdgotuvati ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї – 4G/LTE. Gorodyaki UNIFIKOVENED INFRUSHENNE RISHSTAR Zhozvivati ​​Rosvivati ​​all the Ovolinnya Zv’yazku on the basic Radiomerzhi, Yak is easy to scale pyd rizni Galuze Standards, IN PSY 50% ZMOMENT VITTRATS ON THE ELECTRIC.

Ericsson, Svitovy Provider Technologian Rishhen Tu Proddornnn, Stana, a program of izht-icfrastructure in the framework of the Digital Stack project – INNOVENENED transformation Kyivstar. Part of the TSO for the project was the onset of the Bezlichi Business-Processive, and the fiber of the servos of the operations to go online, allowed to make the clay bristles easily that simply that. Digital Stack to jump out the outlet of the product і ASSOSKYSTAR, at that hour Yak Delivery I analiki is practical to the regime of real hour to allow the backdrop for Kliyntiv Bilsh by persons. Before that, the bilsh prostiti іnterfeis Koristuvach is half a trash.

«Maybutn – Tse of the Robot in the real hour, the TSH REALLY OF THE OUR OFFICAL IS AND AND ACTIVALY OF THE COMPLITH IN THE KLITAS, YAKI Live in digital SVITI. Tsi technologist Zrushennya – Great Stribok forward for vimpelcom і part of the nash strategist of transformatics at the Gnow Business, Yaki Rosumi Kliyntiv I Vidpovіd їkhnim. Digitable. Ukrainian – One of the fraudsters, in the Yaki MiStya re-re-re-named, I am a new digital sign ine, vіdkrivaychi Klіntam Kyivstar access to іnnovaty і Greatness of digit», – Explain Yogesh Malik, head Technic Director Vimpelsom.

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