Internet package Kyivstar “Online Day”: 1 GB for 15 UAH

Internet package Kyivstar “Online Day”: 1 GB for 15 UAH

Since July 8, 2016, contractors and subscribers of prepaid communication Kyivstar can connect the online online package “Online” from 1,000 MB of mobile 3G-Internet per day for 15 UAH. According to the operator Kyivstar, on average subscribers use about 80 TB of mobile traffic per day. At the same time, the share of 3G-traffic in daily traffic is 58%, and the most used device is, of course, a smartphone.

The average daily 3G traffic of smartphone users is 23 times higher than the average daily traffic of tablet users. The proposal will be in demand in all situations when urgently needs access to the Internet, but not nearby Wi-Fi. The volume of traffic included in the “Online Day” package will allow you to upload an important file on a business trip, check the mail, watch a video or distribute on Wi-Fi friends.

To order a package, you must dial *263 *1#, call number 466, or use the My Kyivstar system. Details of the offer on the page: www.Kyivstar.UA/Dayonline

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Z 8 Lipnya 2016 Contractor Subscriber Ta Subtentone Subplaim Slot' Kyivstar’s ulcer is able «Online day», Behind the minds of the Yaku, 1,000 MB per day of the Vsogo for 15 UAH.

Behind Danami Kyivstar, in the middle subscription vicoristovo, near 80 TB mobile trafi for DOB. At the Tsomom, the 3G-traffic mummer miles in the preboal trafic can become 58%, and the nyabilsh vicoristovanim is an extension yak. So, the middle house 3G trafi Koristuvachiv smartphone at 23 rays Vishzha middle -like trafi Koristuvachiv tablet.

«Vikoristanny mobile traffic by our Subscribers Visste. In parallel with the growth of the trafa, the penetration of the mobile izonternet. Mi otikuymu, our nova proposita is requested in the condition of the situation, if Teremіnovo Tremіben is access to izhternet, ale consecrated near Wi-Fi. Ozhtyg trafish included in the package «Online day», permit the INTERN INTERNET DRISES in the cafe, I have to plunge the important file of the Vidrezhenni, Pereshti nitbox navigation of the smiky videos on the dachi, and the cluttals for the Ditini on the beach of the PID Hour, the head of the department, the head of the department,».

To shuffle the package, scuffle *263 *1#, stagnoon to number 466, but fiercely scorched by the system «Mai Kyivstar».

Detail of Proposali on Storinzi: www.Kyivstar.UA/Dayonline

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