For technologies: London Hube Hotel with Haitec’s rooms

For technologies: London Hube Hotel with Haitec’s rooms

In London, a fairly interesting HUB budget hotel, promoted by a non -budgetary network of Premier Inn hotel, will open. Its chip consists in rooms stuffed with equipment that can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

Registration and payment for accommodation in the hotel is carried out only on the Internet (through a browser or a branded application). It is enough to approach the hotel in the machine, enter the key and get the key card (the idea is not new, although it is rare). The same applies to order food and drinks in a room or in a restaurant. The application allows you to adjust both light and air conditioning temperature. If you are watching 40-inch (!) the TV and suddenly, sorry, it was necessary to go to the toilet at the most interesting moment, then in this case you can simply turn on the broadcast right on your gadget, the benefit of TV can do it. Have not forgotten about the free Wi-Fi Internet.

The number itself is small (11 m2), but quite thought out: the luggage is hidden in a shelf or box under the bed. The closet is generally naked, so getting clothes is much easier. Hm… Not enough table for work on a laptop… Yeah, he is drawn here, although you can work on the bed, taking a half -blue pose.

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