Chamberlain’s answer: curved 55 OLED-TV LG EA9800

Chemberlen answer: Brought 55" OLED-TV LG EA9800


The presence of curved OLED displays in Samsung does not surprise anyone, but in the case of LG, on the contrary, a pleasant surprise-after all, competition is only for the benefit of consumers.

So, the curved OLED-TV for 55 inches with a resolution of Full HD is made using WRGB technology (the same RGB, but with added white sub-pixels), which should provide quite natural and bright colors, difficult to excellent from real. The plus of curved is that all points on the screen are at a distance more or less equally disputed from the eyes, which is especially useful in cases where the screen ratio is 21: 9. It’s funny that the widespread hobby of HDR technology has not passed and TVs. In this case, this technology simply coordinates the contrast of colors and provides their maximum separation to obtain richer shades and deep black. Finally, the LEDs in OLED matrixes generate light in themselves, so they do not need additional illumination (here lovers of uniform backlight can breathe a sigh of relief, although this remains to be checked in practice). Again, due to the absence of a layer of backlighting, a carbon reinforced with carbon was a rather thin and easy. For the VAU effect, the creators provided for the sliding touch panel of Smart Touch Control for the basic control of the TV.

You think this miracle of technology will remain a demonstration prototype? By no means, the corporation plans to start world sales LG EA9800 in a couple of months in a couple of months. We have to bet on the price. Personally, I put it on $ 15,000, since the flat option costs only $ 12,000.

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